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MDS-Branded Clothing & Accessories

All MDS-Branded apparel, bags, and accessories are subsidized 25% by MDS.
Employees interested in purchasing any items will be required to select the items and pay for the order by credit card upon check-out. In the future, there will be opportunities for employees to earn coupons with additional discounts for one-time use; these promo codes will be entered during the check-out process.

At the end of each seasonal campaign, all items will no longer be available. Some items may return in future campaigns if there is enough demand.

These items cannot be filed as an expense claim.

MDS-Branded Workwear/HI-VIS Wear

A limited number of these items are in-stock and will ship within 1-3 business days.

Orders for workwear will be paid for by the employee at 100% of the total cost. In accordance with MDS’s policies, the employee can then claim the money back, through expenses, and the appropriate charge codes.  If site work is being undertaken in support of Business Development or for any other reason, it should be charged as directed by the appropriate manager.

The following indicates the expected workwear for employees who are on site for any period of 2 weeks or more but we request that it is ordered on an ‘as required’ basis:

  • 1 hi-vis vest
  • Up to 7 long / short sleeve golf shirts (available in both men’s and women’s fittings)
  • 1 hi-vis or regular zip-up sweater
  • Site, Construction and Production personnel will be allowed 1 high-vis coat
  • Production personnel will be allowed 2 sets of coveralls

Any additional requirements should be agreed with the appropriate Project Manager and Department Manager (for project travel and non-project travel) and it is recommended that agreement on required workwear be reached with them, prior to placing an order.

MDS Marketing Swag

Swag is kept at the MDS Ottawa office.
Email with any requests.


All items will be shipped to MDS at 1220 Old Innes Road, Ottawa.

Any further questions can be directed to